Moms Against Fluoridation would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the entire team at Fluoride Action Network for the indefatigable efforts and relentless pursuit of the truth through science. FAN has been incredibly generous with their website and data which they have meticulously gathered and continue to share with amazing generosity. The FAN team and these leaders care about people, care about science and work tirelessly for it. Dr. Connett continues to be a leader and has made immeasurable contributions to the understanding and the communication of the harm that these ingested fluoridation chemicals do to physiology. His efforts will change the health of America and will be fundamental in changing bad policy.

Groups everywhere are forever grateful for the work of FAN and their commitment to a better life for all. MAF will, and groups everywhere should, continue to support Fluoride Action Network in any way they can until the day water fluoridation crashes down and joins the growing list including asbestos, thalidomide, lead, BPA (bisphenol-A) and arsenic.

Moms Against Fluoridation wishes to thank Fluoride Action Network for their tireless work. Please support Fluoride Action Network!