Jennifer H., teacher from California

I do have some evidence of fluorosis on one of my front teeth. I was forced to take fluoride pills when I was younger, because the dentist we went to, (we were living in Europe at the time,) warned my parents that the water in Holland wasn't fluoridated, like it was in the U.S.A. Now that tooth has to be bonded every few years, to match the natural color of my other front teeth.   Obviously, this is a cosmetic problem, however, what I can't be sure of is how it affected my brain. Studies have shown that fluoride can lower intelligence and that it is cumulative and toxic. Fluoride has also been used to "medicate" inmates and patients with mental illness to make them docile. Needless to say, we filter all of our water, even the shower water, to make sure it is fluoride-free. I hope people will do the research to see that this additive can be harmful to people's health.