Kimberly M., mom and Home Manager from Tennessee

eczema/skin problems My youngest daughter has had severe eczema ever since she was a baby. For years we tried every type of cream and steroid available to help alleviate her pain. Her skin was often infected and bathing and swimming were painful for her. I heard about the effects of fluoride in a documentary I watched and decided to remove it from her water and toothpaste. We bought distilled water for her to drink. After just 12 hours of drinking non fluoridated water she came to me and said, "Mom, my eczema is gone!" Her skin had never been so beautiful. Anytime she drinks tap water,... she reacts immediately to the fluoride. She can only drink distilled water or water that's been filtered through a reverse osmosis system. She's been free from eczema for over a year now! I hope that someday all our water will be fluoride free.