Is drinking fluoride safe?

Is Drinking Fluoride Safe?

This illustration is from Barbier O. et al., Molecular mechanisms of fluoride toxicity, Chemico-Biological Interactions 188 (2010) 319–333. and summarizes the findings of studies in the scientific literature that have raised concern about fluoride’s safety from organizations held in highest respect in the scientific community such as the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science and the Cochrane Collaboration.  In future posts we at MAF would like to go into specifics regarding some of these studies as well as others such as the complex interactions of fluoride with other elements such as aluminum and lead.  Many of us already know something of the headings above such as “Oxidative Stress” being undesirable and that “Apoptosis” means cell death.  These concepts and others with selected studies for illustration will be discussed.

It is interesting to remind ourselves that none of the above “alphabet soup” of 21st Century science was even imagined when fluoride was declared to be safe 70 years ago.  Ongoing evaluation of safety has occurred generally under the supervision of dental and public health practitioners and has focused narrowly on dental health rather than what is safe for the body as a whole.  This may in part answer the bewildering question of “where are the regulatory agencies that are supposed to look out for our well-being?”