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  • Is water fluoridation legal?

    Why fluoridated tap water is forced medical treatment, and why it should be illegal.

    Drinking fluoridated water - risk to thyroid

    During law school, I took a class on medical ethics. We looked at how the U.S. Supreme Court considered issues of medical treatment and issues of forced medical treatment.

  • The Moms Response to the CDC

    Moms Response to the CDC

    America Fluoridation ChoiceHello American Citizens,
    On April 2, 2015 the Director of the Division of Oral Health of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote this STATEMENT about the safety of fluoridation.

  • Fluoride in Your Gut

    Chemist Shares Concerns About Fluoride

    As a chemist I am always amazed at the behavior of fluoride. After swallowing fluoride from water treated with industrial fluoride chemicals, (this can be soda, soup, chicken broth, or any beverage or liquid that is made with fluoridated water) the fluoride ion (F-) reaches the stomach.

  • A Medical Doctor's Opposition to Fluoridation

    A Medical Doctor's Opposition to Fluoridation

    People have often asked me why I oppose fluoridation of our drinking water. They often say, "Well, you know, it's been in our water for over 70 years." I used to be reassured by this as well, so I understand their reasoning.

  • Our 4 Legged Friends Matter!

    Water Fluoridation and the Effects on Animals

    Many people who know what fluoride consumption can do to the body only think of it in the human aspect.  Peer reviewed research has shown that it causes many of the very same ailments in animals.  We ultimately lost 8 horses and 4 dogs to this poison.

  • Hypothyroidism and Drinking Fluoridated Water

    Drinking fluoridated water - risk to thyroid

    Drinking fluoridated water - risk to thyroid

    A healthy thyroid is critical to optimal health. Are our cities, unintentionally and in good faith in most cases, actually harming our thyroids and well-being with their water fluoridation policies?