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The Effects:  Evidence-Based Damage

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If most scientists, the EPA and the CDC agree that fluoridation chemicials are causing dental fluorosis on the hardest surface of the body, then what are they doing to such things as subtle enzymes, hormones, glucose regulators or soft tissues in our babies and children?

What are the fluoridation drugs doing to brains?  What are they doing to our gut microbes and enzymes? See the comprehensive "Study Tracker" for the science.  Should we 'first do no harm'?

Fluoride has joined a list that includes lead, arsenic, and methylmercury as Developmental Neuro Toxins. 

Why, oh why,  is it still added to the water if we now know that it can change the brain of a developing fetus?  

First, Do No HarmDear physicians, scientists and legislators:

Thousands of peer-reviewed studies have been published which raise serious questions about water fluoridation. 

How many studies does it take for policy to catch up to science?

The peer-reviewed journal Fluoride: Journal of The International Society for Fluoride Research has been in print since 1968. Click here for the archives.

Click here to check out a Health Effects Study Tracker!

Q: Is 'Aunt Mary's' arthritis due to the tap water she has been drinking all of her life that had these chemicals that can cause inflammation?  Is my friend's hypothyroidism caused by the tap water and tap water drinks she has been drinking for years?

pregnant womanI thought Fluoride was safe and effective?

The truth is that World War II science did not adequately test fluoridation chemicals on human health. How could they?  In this period science was still pre-DNA discovery, pre-modern immunology, pre-MRI and CT scans.

If you think water fluoridation has been through any rigorous health and safety trials, think again. In fact, the EPA classifies fluoride as a drinking water "contaminant."

Click here for a summary of the published "cavity" study which showed that children's cavity rates are NOT improved by drinking these fluoridation chemicals.

Q:  Do fluoridation chemicals contain arsenic?arsenic

The EPA set a maximum contaminate level goal for arsenic at 0.0 for a reason: arsenic is big, bad and ugly and is a known carcinogen.

brainEffects on the Brain

Fluoride and dementia?

Fluoride & the Brain

IQ Studies

Our babies' brains are being harmed and the science is "clear enough." See this list of some of the science that links fluoride exposure of our babies to their developing brains:

Fluoride & Brain Health

Brain Study

Fluoride & IQ Facts

Doctor and patients

Just how important is the thyroid?


Is fluoride harming this gland?

We should be trying to lower cancer rates.


Is adding a fluoride and arsenic 'cocktail' to our water good policy?