Pregnancy and Babies

Questions for your Physician or Obstetrician:


Dear Doctor, I am pregnant and I am concerned about taking "drugs" every day of my pregnancy in unknown dosages.  Fluoride has not been through long term human clinical trials on fetal development and are usually laced with arsenic.  I have read that the fluoridation chemicals cross the placenta.  I am concerned for my growing, vulnerable baby and any exposure to these drugs and chemicals.  


Dear Physician,   I want to avoid unnecessary chemicals, drugs, arsenic and heavy metals when I am pregnant.  How can I avoid water fluoridation and fluorides that usually include arsenic and are tasteless and odorless and not labeled?  How do I know if they are in my soup, or lemonade, sports drinks or cup of herbal tea? 

IQ Studies

The evidence appears that our babies' brains are being effected. Is fluoride a developmental neurotoxin? See this link to some of the science that links fluoride exposure of our babies and their developing brains: http://www.fluoridealert.org/studies/brain01/

If brains matter, then why are we adding this to our water? Click here

Our government must stop water fluoridation. 

Our EPA or the DHHS could and should stop water fluoridation.

Our Surgeon General could take a stand.  Each of these government agencies could halt water fluoridation.

It is time to let science inform policy.  Moms ask our leaders to act and to end the policy of allowing drugs to be intentionally addedto the public water supply.

Science Should Inform Policy

"First Do No Harm"

Click here for more access to the published science.

Read excerpts from the National Research Council's most recent (2006) review of fluoride: Fluoride In Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of the EPA's Standards

Read Excerpts Here

doctorPhysicians and Dentists:

  • Click here for the journal Fluoride, of the International Society for Fluoride Research.
  • Click here for a list of health effects on our babies and children.
  • Click here to read why Dr. Hardy Limeback, head of Preventive Dentistry at the University of Toronto is officially opposed to water fluoridation.

How much science does it take for the medical community to say STOP the fluoridation of the public water supply?