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Many of our children are being harmed by water fluoridation and moms want it out.

  • Harmful effects can result from drinking fluoridated water over long periods of time. Was this ever tested for long term safety?
  • What are the consequences of exposing the developing fetus to a known contaminant? The science is compelling.  The science should inform policy. 
  • Effects on health can include the thyroid, the brain, kidneys and our babies!

What do Moms want to hear from our CDC, FDA or the EPA?

Here is one idea for our Civil servants who should be informed by science. 

'Hello Americans, your Public Health Service organizations, that your tax dollars pays for, are the best in the world.  We learn, we grow and we lead every single day.  To that end, we make policy changes to stay up with the best science for our citizens so that all Americans can be protected.  

Our understanding of science is ever changing as sophisticated technology, equipment and understanding develops.   Millions of Americans count on us to be the cutting edge and we are.  

Today, we are withdrawing our endorsement of water fluoridation because today the understanding and availability of fluorides is very different than it was in 1950 when fluoridation was endorsed.   When the landscape changes, we change.'

why can't water just be water?

EPA Headquarters Professionals' Union Speaks Out

The EPA union which is comprised of and represents the approximately 1500 scientists, lawyers, engineers and other professional employees at EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. released a statement expressing its opposition to fluoridation.  Their statement ends:

The implication for the general public of these calculations is clear. Recent, peer-reviewed toxicity data, when applied to EPA's standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation's drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

To read the full statement with its references, click here.

Q: Why do we ADD arsenic and lead to our drinking water for our babies to drink?

A:  Do fluoridation chemicals contain arsenic? 

The EPA set a maximum contaminate level goal for arsenic at 0.0 for a reason: arsenic is big, bad and ugly and is a known carcinogen.

EPA: fluoride has substantial evidence for developmental neurotoxicity

does fluoride affect the brain?

Jennifer, landscape designer and mom from San Diego

call to action

Fluoridation of our drinking water must be stopped. The potential risks, such as bone fracture, cancer, and endocrine disruption, far outweigh any perceived dental benefits. Instead, we need a public health campaign to reduce sugar consumption and improve toothbrushing practices for our children. Instead of safeguarding our health, the municipalities incorporating fluoride are jeopardizing the health of millions of young people.

Marie G., mom of three boys from Georgia

As a Mom I am MAD! I have three sons that have dental fluorosis and I am outraged that no one bothered to share with me as a mom what fluorides in the drinking water and from other sources can do to my children's teeth. If it did this to their teeth, what has it done to their inner organs? People are being harmed by fluorides, and fluoridation needs to end!

Hispanic civil rights

Environmental Justice


Dear Doctor, What pregnant woman would drink a purported 'medication' in unknown dosages of unknown quality, when no scientific or rigorous studies have established safety for her precious and growing baby?


Dear AMA, Tell us how you can continue to endorse water fluoridation chemicals as safe in light of the science, the peer-reviewed studies, and the evidence-based damage?  Tell us of the controlled trials that the AMA used to evaluate your decision in order to endorse added drugs to the water supply?  We can not locate any controlled long term clinical trials that were done.  


Dear Dentist, Why do you continue to endorse fluoridation chemicals when the published data suggests that if fluoridation chemicals work, they work topically (brushing it on) and not by drinking these chemicals?