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This Chemical Kills. Why Aren’t Regulators Banning It?

Last month’s spectacular explosions at a large Philadelphia oil refinery complex injured five workers, terrorized city residents and drove up gasoline prices. But the impact could have been vastly worse had the explosions triggered a release from the refinery’s huge inventory of toxic hydrogen fluoride — up to 420,000 pounds’ worth, according to information the company filed with the Environmental Protection Agency in 2017. That disaster, had it occurred amid the chaos on the morning of June 21, would have imperiled hundreds of thousands of people living within a few miles of the plant.

Sandy estimates 600 homes affected by water contamination, says to flush water systems

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — In a press conference Friday evening, officials from Sandy City clarified that an estimated 600 homes' water systems were contaminated with lead and copper.

The city said the contamination was due to elevated levels of fluoride in the water from a pump that malfunctioned after a power outage last week.

The areas estimated to be affected by the contamination were homes between 10600 South to 11400 South and 2000 East to 700 East.

Officials estimated this area consisted of about 600 homes.


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