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   This may be a virtual trial, and it will run for 10 days - 2 weeks.  

Taking on the EPA in Federal Court.

Fluoridation was initiated and spread throughout the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s over fierce objection from an informed and vocal segment of the scientific community. Without one safety study, a toxic pollutant was added to our drinking water. Forty years later in the 1990s it was learned that fluoride crosses the placenta which meant it can harm a developing fetus. Still the policy went on unquestioned.

Finally, 30 years after that and backed by an enormous trove of scientific evidence, we are pleased that the case against artificial water fluoridation will have its day in court. We look forward to an end to artificial water fluoridation so that all Americans can have access to clean "un-drugged" water, which is a basic human right. 

Moms Against Fluoridation along with other nonprofit organizations and mothers on behalf of their children, is suing the EPA to end water fluoridation.  We  filed our case in 2017 and have had discovery, a large complex trial and now we were in a post trial period. Now, our next trial will be in January, 2024..  

We have successfully passed the Motion to Dismiss, beaten back the EPA's attempt to limit our Discovery and defeated the EPA's Motion for Summary Judgement, had months of intense Discovery, dozens of depostions and a large 2 week Federal Court hearing. 

Our life-sustaining drinking water, should never be used as a delivery system for any alleged "drug".   The fluoride chemicals that communities are now adding are harming health and our brains including the developing fetus, and we will prove it!  In the early 1950's when fluoride was rapidly deemed 'safe and effective'  to drink and good for our teeth, there were many other things also deemed "safe" out of that era includuing DDT, smoking (by dentists and MD's!), asbsetos, lead in gasoiline and hydrofluorocarbons.   

Please consider a donation to help us achieve victory and end water fluoridation in Federal court. 

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