Moms and Pops taking on the EPA in Federal Court.

Moms Against Fluoridation along with other nonprofit organizations and mothers on behalf of their children, is suing the EPA to end water fluoridation. We are now deep in the Federal court process and have already had two successful rulings by Judge Chen in the 9th Circuit.

We have successfully passed the Motion to Dismiss, and we have successfully beaten back the EPA's attempt to limit our discovery.

This case is an important landmark case for not only ending this harmful practice of adding fluoridation to the water, but for another important reason which is that our case will be setting precedent under the newly revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

TSCA was revamped and signed into law under Obama and is now being road-tested with our legal challenge! This is a bellwether case for all toxins and chemicals that will follow in our wake under this citizens provision of TSCA.

We are up against a Goliath and we need all the help we can gather.

Please consider a donation to help us achieve victory and end water fluoridation in Federal court.

Here is the TIMELINE of the Lawsuit- TIMELINE