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Moms everywhere have come together because our children's health is being harmed.  Modern science informs us that ingestion of artiifical fluoridation chemicals can have harmful effects.
Scientists now know that fluoridation chemicals can cross the placenta and the blood brain barrier.  Physicians and research speciaitlists are now cognizant of the health effects on the thyroid and the brain. These effects are confirmed by more than ample science and by the National Research Council's 2006 Fluoride report (link is external).
Are the fluoridation chemicals implicated in this explosion of such ailments as arthritis, hypothyroidism or brain issues?  You bet they are, and we will prove it in court.  Policy has not kept up with science.

To end the addition of fluoridation chemicals to our public water in the United States of America through the education of moms, families and citizens everywhere, and to take action against government agencies when they are not protecting our children and all of our citizens.