Moms everywhere have come together because our children's health is effected and the science has informed us. The science has informed us that the ingestion of fluoridation chemicals can have harmful effects. 

Science now knows that fluoridation chemicals can cross the brain barrier. Science is now cognizant of the health effects on the thyroid and the brain. These effects are confirmed by more than ample science and by the National Research Council's 2006 Fluoride report (link is external).

Moms now know that drinking these powerful drugs can affect physiology, our brains, the thyroid, a developing baby, our bones, gut microbes, enzymes and more. It is powerful stuff.  

Are the fluoridation chemicals implicated in this explosion of such ailments as arthritis, hypothyroidism, or brain issues?  You bet they are.

The science is now informative. Policy in this country has not kept up with the science.

This is our mission:

To end the addition of fluoridation chemicals to our public water in the United States of America through the education of Moms and families everywhere.

We got it wrong in 1945, and now is the time to make it right.

Calling all Moms and all Americans. This cannot wait.