Fluoride Challenge

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To  Surgeon General Murthy: Prove artificial fluoridation's safety.  Provide the data and the evidence that artificial water fluoridation chemicals were put through safety clinical trials, and all people that drink these water fluoridation chemicals will never be harmed. 


(1) Americans expect the fluoridation drugs/ chemicals have been rigorously and robustly tested before the government would ever allow them into the drinking water as a drug to puportedly effect a single dental cavity or two. 

(2) Americans expect that all people, every citizen and pregnant women would be protected from any side-effects or any adverse effects of drinking a drug put into the public water that comes with no informed consent, no labeling, no odor and  becuse of this an individual does not know if this drug is in a soda, organic soup, a coffee, beer or lemonade. 

(3) American citizens expect that our government health agencies have done many large safety clincial trials before they would ever endorse or ever allow this drug into the public water supply, and that they would not partner with any private organizations to promote fluoridation wihout the verifiable clinical trials for both safety and for efficacy.  

Here is the CHALLENGE to our Surgeon General Murthy,

Americans expect safety for all citizens.  These 3 requests below should be easy, if there is adequate proof, as is oft repeated, that this is "safe" for every American.

(1) Provide to this organization the short and the long term (2-40+ years) published government controlled and 'blinded' clinical trials that were done and that are rigorous, methodologically sound and published.  Provide the long term safety trials on the artificial fluoridation chemicals added to the water supplies that include the chemical slurries and salts of  sodium fluoride, hexofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilcates.   These have been fully tested on all people and all sub-populations incuding kidney patients and a newborn, right?

(2) Provide the government trials that show these artificial fluoridation chemicals that people drink in varying  quantities with the concentration of the added drug between 0.7mg/ L and 1.2 mg/ L, will not harm or effect in any way a kidney patient, an athlete, any under-nourished citizen in either protein, calcium or iodine, any infant, a diabetic, any African American, an elderly person or a vulnerable and develpoing  fetus.  This was fully tested in many controlled situations, over many years and decades and on all types of people and their health situations, right?

(3) Provide the safety data and the safety trials that show water that is consumed in the ranges that artificial fluoridation is added of 0.7- 1.2 mg/ liter) and with the above chemicals has been fully tested and proven SAFE through long term government clinical trials on the endocrine system, enzymes, the biome, placental effects and pregnancy outcomes, tooth mottling (does not cause) and that there are no brain effects and no  fetal, child or adult blood-brain barrier passage alone or in the presence of aluminum.

Citizens expect these things.  Americans expect safety.  If the government has this information, then bring it to this organization's attention.  If the government does not have this safety information and data for all Americans across the life span, then the path should be clear, today. 

We expect our Surgeon General's Office  and all of our Civil servants to be rigorous, transparent and hold deep integrity for truth, sciecne and protecting the American people.  We expect that they are working for the health and safety of all the American people, and that they will provide the safety data that they claim they have.  If they don't have this information, then we fully expect them and you to "First Do No Harm". 

Please contact us through www.MomsAgainstFluoridation.org with the requested safety information.

If this data is not available, then we would ask you to halt any endorsement, promotion and all expenditures of artificial water fluoridation  by Health and Human Services and the Surgeon General's office. 

The National Moms' Against Fluoridation Team 
Moms Against Fluoridation