Fluoride Pesticides

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  Did you know that sodium fluoride is a registered pesticide?  

  • Who in their wildest imagination would think that it could be added, intentionally, to water?  
  • Who would ever dump into the drinking water a registered toxin that can kill and sicken?  


It’s time to hold the Agency accountable for poisoning the nation’s drinking water with a pesticide. Did you know that sodium fluoride is a pesticide?

Indeed, EPA regulates sodium fluoride as a pesticide yet in an inexplicable twist of logic and in violation of a multitude of environmental laws and food safety laws, the Agency sanctions the addition of this poison to our drinking water. Who in their wildest imagination would intentionally add a pesticide to drinking water?  https://ordspub.epa.gov/ords/pesticides/f?p=CHEMICALSEARCH:3::::1,3,31,7,12,25:P3_XCHEMICAL_ID:3859

It is unthinkable that a wood preservative and pesticide could possibly be the same chemical that is used to fluoridate drinking water. Yet that is the case. The chemical used to fluoridate drinking water and the EPA registered pesticide are both 97-98% sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is used as a wood preservative pesticide to prevent fungus from growing on railroad ties and, incredibly, the very same chemical is put into our children’s drinking water. 

Yes, it’s crazy, but see for yourself.  Compare the two labels, one a pesticide and one a water additive. They are the same chemical. 97-98% pure sodium fluoride (NaF)

Federal and State Environmental Laws dictate how to safely and properly dispose of pesticides. Heavy fines and prison time are imposed for violations. A person caught dumping sodium fluoride into drinking water would be hauled off in handcuffs and thrown into jail. Yet this toxic substance is added to municipal water every day. Not to be hyperbolic, but it is just insane.

A pesticide may not be added to drinking water. Artificial water fluoridation violates the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, (FIFRA) and the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA). 

In a 64-page document, “Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Sodium Fluoride,” EPA publishes its risk management decision for sodium fluoride and associated human health and environmental risks for its pesticide use.  

Quotations from EPA document:

Sodium fluoride is not expected to come into contact with or be exposed to drinking water and therefore, the Agency did not conduct a drinking water exposure assessment. Sodium fluoride is not used for potable water treatment and effluents containing this chemical are not expected to significantly contaminate fresh-water environments….”

There is no determination of Safety to US Population and in particular to safety to infants and children.”

“A dietary risk assessment was not conducted for sodium fluoride because the use patterns are not expected to result in dietary exposure. Therefore, sodium fluoride does not pose a dietary risk.  Similarly the Agency does not anticipate significant contamination of drinking water as a result of the registered uses of sodium fluoride and did not conduct a drinking water assessment. 

Read the full document here


According to EPA, sodium fluoride is a pesticide and it is not supposed to be in drinking water. How bizarre a contradiction it is when  EPA turns around and then sanctions the addition of this toxic chemical to our drinking water? 

It’s time to hold EPA accountable!

Our families and children should not intentionally be exposed

to this poison in the drinking water.